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As your officiant, we perform your ceremony at any location of your choosing.  Knowing that no two weddings are the same, we believe the ceremony should reflect this.  We write each of our ceremonies tailored to our couples relationship, and views.  We know that even each spouse may have different thoughts and we know just how to blend two views together.  After learning more about both of you and what you are looking for, we write your vows, also known as our script.   Your vows will be sent to you via email. You are then in complete control to make any additions or changes.  Your vows are printed on a beautiful keepsake card.
We are happy to assist in guiding you and your fiancé to obtain your marriage license, and any name changes afterwards.   For our international couples, we also offer the Apostille Legal Paperwork.

Vow Renewals are focused on celebrating the commitment that was once vowed to each other.  We want to celebrate the marriage and journey and let our couples reaffirm their love to each other by renewing those vows.  

We love including children and family into our ceremonies!   We have many different options available, give us a call to find the best fit for your family.  


As locals, who have performed hundreds of weddings, we are lucky to know the best vendors around.  We work very closely to many vendors of all trades and would love to help coordinate. CONTACT US today and tell us what your looking for!

Ceremonies within your Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremony

Most popular!  The unity sand ceremony represents two individuals joining their lives together.  Both spouses can choose their own color of sand, and the vase is a beautiful forever keepsake.

Unity Family Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony is a perfect way to include the children.  Each child can choose their own color of sand to blend together.  

Unity Heart Sand Ceremony

Couples may stand in a heart for their ceremony.  Great way to add that romantic touch, and lovely for pictures.

Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony represents two lives becoming one with support of the surrounding family and friends.   Each start with your own candle, representing all that you are individually.  Then each will take their own candle to light the large center candle.  

Hand Fasting or "Tying the Knot"

Originated as a Celtic ritual involving tying the hands together.  Many variations of this ceremony all symbolizing the connection and devotion to each other.  We typically end this ceremony by tying the knot into a infinity symbol.

Wine Box Ceremony

For the wine box ceremony, each spouse writes a love letter expressing their feelings on the day of marriage, love for each other, and hopes for the future.  Both will place sealed, unread letter in a box with two glasses and a bottle of wine.  The couple picks a anniversary or a time in need to open this box, read these letters, and enjoy their wine!

Breaking the Glass Ceremony

Hebrew tradition with multiple meanings.  Couples traditionally include this ceremony as it symbolizes the absolute finality of the martial covenant.

Rock Ceremony

The rock ceremony is a fantastic way to include all of your guests.  Though typically small polished rocks are used, you can substitute anything from seashells, glass, crystal, etc.  Each guest will make a wish for the couple and place their token into a single keepsake vase or container.  Optionally, some couples may choose to allow their guests to put their names on their token as well.

Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony is a simple exchange of a rose as their first gift of marriage. The rose, being the flower of love symbolizes unconditional love, now and forever. This ceremony becomes a thoughtful reminder every time a rose is exchanged during marriage,

This ceremony is also great way to show gratitude to mothers and/or family.  A rose can be given to the bride and groom's mother or family during the ceremony, best done as a surprise. 

Jumping the Broom

The roots of this ritual derive from Africa.  A fun tradition of jumping over a broom symbolizes the entrance into a new beginning, sweeping away any negative energy.

Ketubah Signing

In this Jewish tradition, couples will sign a wedding contract during their ceremony, known as a Ketubah.

Love Lock Ceremony

The Love lock ceremony is the idea of locking your love together for eternity. Couples will lock two together and "throw away the key".  Another great keepsake!

Tree Planting Ceremony

The tree planting ceremony is a unity ceremony performed by either planting a tree or watering a tree. The soil symbolizing your roots and your families and the tree symbolizing the commitment you are making of marriage.  Together you will continue to nourish this tree, watching it grow stronger and more resilient just as your marriage. 

Arras-Thirteen Gold Coins

This tradition originated in Spain.  Thirteen gold coins are given to the bride by the groom, signifying his willingness to support her.  


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